GroupServer 10.10 — Gelato while Viewing the Sights

Authors:Michael JasonSmith; Richard Waid; Alice Rose; Dan Randow
Contact:Michael JasonSmith <>
Copyright:This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License by OnlineGroups.Net.

The changes below form the bulk of what is new in the Gelato release of GroupServer. Work is now progressing on GroupServer 10.11 — Kulfi Craved while Caving.

New Group Homepage

The homepage used by groups has had a major redesign [1]. Now it is divided into multiple tabs. This allows for information to be better organized, and more easily found. Overall the look is cleaner, and the page is easier to use.

Better Bouncing

Sometimes an email to a group member will not get through, and the message bounces. GroupServer has always recorded these bounces. Now this information is presented to the group administrator, who can see a log of failed attempts to send the member an email message [2].

Resend Invitation

The group administrator now has the option of resending an invitation that did not get through to the new group member [3]. There have been many other minor improvements to the invitation system thanks to the feedback from the users of OnlineGroups.Net.

Notification Updates

The email notifications that are sent out by GroupServer in response to an event have been given a through update. They are now clearer and contain more useful information than before [4].

New Favicon

GroupServer now has a new multi-resolution favicon, which is shown in the location bar of the browser [5].

New Help System

The user manual and administration manuals are out of date and in need of work. To help with this a new help system has been introduced [6]. It allows for sections of the manuals to be more easily maintained, which will hopefully allow for better manuals in the future.

Switch to Zope 2.13 Beta

GroupServer now runs on the the latest version of Zope 2. The new features in Zope are used for the new group homepage, and the new help system.

[1]The details of the new group homepage is available in the Group Homepage Rebuild topic in GroupServer Development. Deploying the new homepage closes Ticket 426 and a slew of sub-tickets.

Showing a log of the failed attempts to send a message closes

[3]Allowing administrators to reissue an invitation closes Ticket 489

Updating the notifications closes eight tickets

[5]Creating the new favicon for GroupServer closes Ticket 510
[6]Creating the new help pages closes Ticket 485