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Contact:Michael JasonSmith <>
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This product provides a JavaScript resource for implementing disclosure buttons. In general, A disclosure button is used to hide non-essential data from the user. Error messages, and collapsing-tree views of folders are two common examples. While their presentation may vary, the buttons are present in the widget sets used by Microsoft Windows, Apple Aqua, GNOME, and KDE.

In GroupServer, disclosure buttons are mostly used to hide the bottom-quoting and signatures at the end of posts. However, the system is generic, and can be used to hide arbitrary information. If the correct markup is followed, the JavaScript code will add the event-handlers to show or hide the information, as appropriate.

In addition to the event handler, an arrow is added to each button, which indicates the state of the disclosure widget. The arrow points to the right when the information is hidden, and points down when the data is shown.

A disclosure button is created by adding some CSS classes to the markup of the page. JavaScript code can manipulate the buttons by calling various functions.

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