senddigest [-h] [-c <CONFIG>] [-i <INSTANCE>] [-v] url


Usually senddigest is called by cron(8) once a day to send the daily digest of topics from GroupServer to all the members of all the groups whose email settings are set to digest.

Positional arguments


The URL for the GroupServer site.

Optional arguments

-h, --help

Show this help message and exit

-c <CONFIG>, --config <CONFIG>

The name of the GroupServer configuration file (default INSTANCE_HOME/etc/gsconfig.ini) that contains the token that will be used to authenticate the script when it tries to send the digests.

-i <INSTANCE>, --instance <INSTANCE>

The identifier of the GroupServer instance configuration to use (default default).

-v, --verbose

Provide verbose output. The default is to provide no output (no news is good news).


The script returns 0 on success, or non-zero on error. In the case of an error, senddigest follows the convention specified in /usr/include/sysexits.h.